Tales of a Welsh Rarebit theatre production

~~The Pettifor Trust have teamed up with Fluellen Theatre Company to create an amazing adaptation of Marianne Pettifor's 'An Expert in my Field' book- aptly titled 'Tales of a Welsh Rarebit'! Fluellen are performing it several times in September and October with the first performance on the 30th September at Swansea Grand Theatre!

 "Eve is a successful business woman. She loves animals and is kind to children. But that is as normal as it gets. Her life seems to go from one crisis to another.

 And mother is always there to advise — not always for the best. A very funny new comedy from Marianne Pettifor."

 Tickets: £6.50 Concessions: £4.50
. Tickets can be purchased here: http://beta.swansea.gov.uk/TalesOfAWelshRarebit